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Planning and Evaluation Group


Section Chief 

Hsien Ju Ko

Ext: 1087
E-mail: hjko@asia.edu.tw


1.Establishing the internal control system.
2.Hosting the Auditing Committee under the supervision of the President of Asia University.
3.Designating the Annual Auditing Plan.
4.Summarizing the auditing results from the Auditing Committee Members and reporting to the President of Asia University.




Administration Assistant

Yu-Chen Wei

Ext: 1056


1.To undertake project planning and evaluation for sports
2.To do the performace evaluation work for the campus environment and safety management
3.To undertake the campus disaster prevention supervision program
4.To undertake affairs for dangerous equipment checking, set controlling, filed experiments, workpalce safety and health, and the operation system reviewing
5.To undertake quality auditing and supervision tracking for the general teaching assessment
6.To do the work related to department evaluation (including the general education evaluation)
7.Other temporary visiting works
8.To handle all kinds of sign cases
9.To handle temporary works assigned by the supervisor


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